Choosing A Reliable
Removals Company

At Balmer Wilcock, we recommend you select a professional removal company with a good reputation that will provide you a high level of service. When selecting a removal company there are a number of factors that you should consider.

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Balmer Wilcock Choosing Removals

Things to Consider

When chosing a removal company, we recommend you consider these factors:

  • Read your removals quote closely and check what exactly is and is not included.
  • Check their insurance details.
  • See if they lend you packing boxes and equipment as this can add up to quite a cost saving for you.
  • Ask about payment options. Reputable firms should accept debit / credit card payments, and should not really be asking for cash on the day.
  • Check their delays policy, as some charge by the hour for delays even if they are out of your control – i.e. solicitor waiting on funds or other solicitors in the chain.
  • Check to see if they have a complaints procedure.
  • Ensure they use uniformed staff.
  • Ask about their parking policies with regards to obtaining any permits for either your existing or new home.

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